Christmas Party; make a Corporate Cooking team building

By Gaia / December, 4, 2013 / 0 comments

When two weeks ago, the Roman branch of a bank  asked us to organize a Christmas event for its Customer Care Division which convey different motivation and team spirit, we had no hesitation in proposing a cooking team building.

Kitchen is the convivial place for excellence and by experimenting and creating dishes and menus each participant, member of a team, leaves the professional role and their own patterns of thinking and behaving acting with and for the group.

It ‘s wonderful to note the empathy in working, manipulating ¬†ingredients and doses, expect cooking times together between toasts and jokes.

And here we are today, the location is ready, cookers and aprons available, it begins.

chistmas cooking team 3 Christmas cooking team building christmas cooking  team2

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