EXPO2015 and company events: much more than just food

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BTC 2014 first panel has been focused on the theme of EXPO 2015 with the presentation of the project “EXPO and corporate events” launched by Cisalpina Tours on how the companies are preparing themselves for this global-scale events. An analysis of the data showed that 78% of multinational companies involved in the research has not…

ISO 20121: how to realize a green event in Italy

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

Green Arrangements: Origami art and recycling objects

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Less than a year to the EXPO 2015 the attention to sustainability is higher and requests for green events and organic catering are more and more frequent. Without listing the basic rules to offer a catering service “authentically” green, what particularly fascinates us in the organization of  a green event  is  the extensive and original…